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Open Colour Awards and Highly Commended

  Entrant Title Awards Image
  Mishal Alrayhan G.P.UCR1 Dancing Drops GPU Ribbon
  Habib Alzadjali AFIAP The Bedouin Boy Highly Commended
  Habib Alzadjali AFIAP Village Girl 2 Highly Commended
  Phil Barber Keep Your Eyes on the Ball GPU Gold (Best Sport)
  Alois Bernkopf DR. EFIAP/b GPUCR3 PSA3*PJ Klemens Highly Commended
  Damian Black BPE2* Digging in Highly Commended
  Damian Black BPE2* Taking the Turn FIAP Ribbon
  James Black AFIAP Mist, Rannoch Moor PSA Ribbon
  Stephen Brabner Brooklyn Pier One Judges Certificates
  Yong Chen Diaoyang Highly Commended
  Jinghui Chen Beautiful Plain No.1 Highly Commended
  Marcin Ciesielski AFIAP Sparkling Laughter Highly Commended
  Marcin Ciesielski AFIAP Damsel in Feathers FIAP Ribbon
  Marcin Ciesielski AFIAP Coco FIAP Gold (Best Portrait)
  Malcolm Cook EFIAP/b BPE3* Adam Burgess Judges Certificates
  Malcolm Cook EFIAP/b BPE3* No Fear PSA Gold (Best in Show)
  Rob Davis A Hard Slog Highly Commended
  Eddy De Wilde EFIAP/b Dominante Rouge PSA Ribbon
  Tom Dee A Child in Time Highly Commended
  Adrian Donoghue Rainy Day in London Highly Commended
  Anne Given LRPS LIPF BPE3* Balancing Act Highly Commended
  Roland Hank EFIAP/b Maxforum Highly Commended
  Jussi Helimaki EFIAP/b Early Misty Morning 2 GPU Ribbon
  Martin Horton Flamboyance Port Talbot Medal (Best Pictorial)
  Martin Horton Wherever I Go FIAP Ribbon
  Paul Keene FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Hafflingers in Snow Highly Commended
  Achim Koepf EFIAP/p Lofoten329 Highly Commended
  Frank Kolver Monkey Sauna Highly Commended
  Jure Kravanja EFIAP Lines PSA Ribbon
  Claudio Mammucari EFIAP/b Giovanni Highly Commended
  Marie Otero Softly Softly Highly Commended
  David Sadler ARPS CPAGB Go to Work on an Egg GPU Ribbon
  Nigel Spencer ARPS Arctic Fox in the Moonlight Highly Commended
  Joao Taborda PPSA EFIAP I´m Here Highly Commended
  Kam Chiu Tam Go 164 Highly Commended
  Monica Elise Vestre Winter Symphony Highly Commended
  David Wheeler FRPS EFIAP/p MFIAP Safia and Empty Shelves Highly Commended
  David Wheeler FRPS EFIAP/p MFIAP Sunrise, Tangled Creek Highly Commended
  Godfrey Wong EPSA Yacht Race 8 Judges Certificates
  Kim Wormald AFIAP AAPS Young Avocet Highly Commended
  Mark Zygo Come Take a Seat Highly Commended
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Amleto Bocci MFIAP MPSA Sunflowers and Beam
  Ken Dickson Crown2 FAPS Ruby's New Hat
  Adrian Donoghue Strangers in the Night
  Adrian Donoghue The Call
  Adrian Donoghue The Life Guard
  Terry Gooley EFIAP Chimney
  Peter Hammer GMAPS Australia Day Fireworks
  Peter Hammer GMAPS Gondolas and Church
  Jenni Horsnell EFIAP GMPSA Bee-Eater with Dragonfly 3
  Jenni Horsnell EFIAP GMPSA Heron Stalking
  Jenni Horsnell EFIAP GMPSA Sparring Partners
  Elizabeth Kodela EFIAP FAPS GPU2Crown Antelope Canyon Walls
  Elizabeth Kodela EFIAP FAPS GPU2Crown Hole in Heaven
  Frank Kolver Fighting Eagles
  Frank Kolver The Three Amigos
  Fiona Lambell The Blue Glacier
  Yongxiong Ling Morning Stroll 3 C
  Yongxiong Ling Rodeo Thriling 3
  Yongxiong Ling Sails
  Cheryl Lorraine Mares AFIAP FAPS Longtailed Hermit Hummingbird
  Cheryl Lorraine Mares AFIAP FAPS Vervet Monkey Family
  Vicki Moritz EFIAP FAPS Eildon Dawn
  Vicki Moritz EFIAP FAPS Kinloch Dawn Panorama
  Vicki Moritz EFIAP FAPS Pienza Sunset
  Vicki Moritz EFIAP FAPS Pinnacles Sunset3
  Jan Pudney AFIAP MAPS Karta
  Jan Pudney AFIAP MAPS Kim 4
  Jan Sharpels AFIAP Desert Dunes
  John P Stein EFIAP/s GMAPS Riomaggiore Sunset-0205
  Alan Twells LAPS Quay to Sydney
  Luciano Vranich Colour-Pews to Pray
  Helen Walker The Journey Begins
  Helen Walker Waiting
  Graeme Watson GMAPS EPSA Lake George Dawn 1
  Dennis Wetherley LAPS Hebe
  Jill Wharton LAPS AAPS Lilac Breasted Roller
  Jill Wharton LAPS AAPS Serengeti Impalas
  Kathryn Willis EFIAP AAPS Wet Spaniel with Ball
  Violet Wilson EFIAP Sunlit Iceberg
  Kim Wormald AFIAP AAPS Grey Teal
  Alois Bernkopf DR. EFIAP/b GPUCR3 PSA3*PJ Egon 3
  Alois Bernkopf DR. EFIAP/b GPUCR3 PSA3*PJ Susi 2
  Albert Peer MVOEAV EIIWF Motocross 101
  Albert Peer MVOEAV EIIWF Neptunes Finger
  Albert Peer MVOEAV EIIWF Oia Before Sunset
  Alexander Schneider AFIAP Wasserschi 2906
  Johann Schrittwieser EFIAP MVOEAVb Along the River
  Hassan Bin dawood Behind the Door
  Hassan Bin dawood Cooking
  Hassan Bin dawood In Their Eyes the Story
  Hassan Bin dawood The Fighter
  Eddy De Wilde EFIAP/b Point D'eau
  Eddy De Wilde EFIAP/b Stries Vertes
  Marie-Claire Dylst Always Deliver
  Marie-Claire Dylst White Chapel
  Claude Simon EFIAP/b Evening in Deadvlei
  Leon Van Ham Rotterdam
  Paulo Guerra AFIAP Trilha
  Dany Chan EPSA Sunrise in Lofoten
  Viki Gaul APSA PPSA Blue with Live Fish 4859
  Viki Gaul APSA PPSA GBH Scratching Chin 2993
  Phillip Kwan FRPS EFIAP GMPSA Grizzly Carrying Fish
  Phillip Kwan FRPS EFIAP GMPSA Penguin at River
  Kam Chiu Tam Hazardous Moment
  Kam Chiu Tam Risky Fall
  Dave Agnelli AFIAP BPE2* Storm Frank
  Xinxin Chen Between the Sky and Earth
  Xinxin Chen In the Sunshine
  Yong Chen Zhuan Chang
  Lin Cheng Danxia Camel Bell Rang
  Yongan Gan Pastoral
  Hong Li Mother and Son
  Hong Li Village Class
  Hong Li Yi Woman8
  Yi Wan Calm
  Yi Wan Smoke 1
  Li Wang Camels in Sunlight
  Fangru Wei Morning
  Zoran Makarovic EFIAP/b Asia
  Bjarne Hyldgaard EFIAP/g MSDF Mille in Front of Hangar 2673CBB
  Bjarne Hyldgaard EFIAP/g MSDF Reino 3067BBT
  Danne Johansen EFIAP/b Simona I
  Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE3* Chess Mates
  Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE3* Illustration
  Richard Atkinson AFIAP Istanbul Rooftops
  Richard Atkinson AFIAP Lighthouse Orfordness
  Phil Barber Shame
  Phil Barber Young Morris
  Steve Barber Harvest Mice on Blackberry Plant
  Damian Black BPE2* Bat Out of El
  Damian Black BPE2* Gateway to the Galaxy
  Joan Blease BPE5* EFIAP EFIAP/b A Sensual World
  Joan Blease BPE5* EFIAP EFIAP/b Dreaming of Tomorrow
  Joan Blease BPE5* EFIAP EFIAP/b Natural Beauty
  Joan Blease BPE5* EFIAP EFIAP/b Reina De Las Flores
  Stephen Brabner No Exit
  Stephen Brabner Wet Walk to Wall Street
  Rob Bridge LRPS In Their Own Little Worlds
  Rob Bridge LRPS Pink Bag
  Rob Bridge LRPS Sturminster Mill
  Sue Brock-Hollinshead ARPS DPAGB Common Tern
  Lorna Brown LRPS CPAGB Towards the Tetons
  Rosemary Buckett St.marks in the Mist
  Pamela Carter AFIAP BPE4* Catching Up
  Christine Chittock Paddy's Hole - Huts and Works
  Christine Chittock Spray
  Marcin Ciesielski AFIAP Into the Woods
  Neil Clarke ARPS BPE3* Domain of Ice
  Stephen Clifford CPAGB How Cool Am I
  Colin Close CPAGB LRPS AFIAP Misty Morning on the Lake
  Gerry Coles ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Sisters
  Gerry Coles ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Two Sides to Every Story
  Malcolm Cook EFIAP/b BPE3* Craster
  Malcolm Cook EFIAP/b BPE3* On the Rope
  Stephanie Cook LRPS DPAGB EFIAP The Advertiser
  David F Cooke FRPS EFIAP The Bartender
  David F Cooke FRPS EFIAP The Encounter
  Martin Cooper LRPS Decrepit
  Doug Crockett ARPS Nosing Ahead
  Doug Crockett ARPS Rough Ride
  Doug Crockett ARPS The Workers Van
  Stuart Daffin LRPS BPE2* Determination
  Stuart Daffin LRPS BPE2* Elleanor
  Stuart Daffin LRPS BPE2* Ellie
  Rita Daubeney CPAGB December Sunset, Durdle Door
  Ann Davies EFIAP/s DPAGB Embankment
  Brian Davis Frosted Trees
  Steve Dormer CPAGB Bygone Years
  Janet Downes CPAGB AFIAP Street Boy
  Jeanette Duncan EFIAP DPAGB Gossip on the Pier
  Jeanette Duncan EFIAP DPAGB Old Woman of the Woods
  Jeanette Duncan EFIAP DPAGB The Bathing Beauties
  Jim Duncan ARPS EFIAP BPE3* Two Men at the Guggenheim
  Alan G Edwards LRPS BPE1* Clints and Grikes
  Alan G Edwards LRPS BPE1* Watching, Waiting, Hoping
  Chris Ellison ARPS BPE3* PPSA Camels on the Beach
  Roy Essery DPAGB Having a Smoke
  Roy Essery DPAGB Mother in Boots
  Jean Evans ARPS Muriwai
  Jean Evans ARPS Storm over Lake Wakatipu
  Jean Evans ARPS Westminster
  David Fletcher LRPS Piccadilly Circus
  Maurice Ford LRPS Early Morning in Tuscany
  Maurice Ford LRPS Singapore Twilight
  Martin Fry EFIAP BPE4* APAGB Storm Breaker
  Martin Fry EFIAP BPE4* APAGB Watching You
  Alison J Fryer EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE4* Cascade over Rocks
  Andy Fryer EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE5* Rannoch Rays
  Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p Come Back Soon
  Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p The Crimson Hood
  Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p Worried
  Mike Gibbens BPE1* CPAGB Floodlit Action
  Mike Gibbens BPE1* CPAGB Landing Sight
  Mike Gibbens BPE1* CPAGB To Catch Red Handed
  David Gibson DPAGB An Evening Encounter
  David Gibson DPAGB Looking for the Next Job
  David Gibson DPAGB Midnight Encounter
  Barrie Glover Contemplation
  Alan Grant DPAGB BPE3* Race Leader
  Peter Guy BPE3* Kentmere Valley
  Janet Haines ARPS EFIAP DPAGB All Alone
  Janet Haines ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Despair
  Janet Haines ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Diva
  Janet Haines ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Mon Amour
  Noel Hannan Chelsea Pensioner
  Mike Harding Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber Wales Pa
  Jenny Hart Blue Beauty
  Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP Bryce Amphitheatre in Winter
  Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP Langdale Pikes
  Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP River Brathay in Winter
  Paul Hayward LRPS Cornered
  Paul Hayward LRPS Musing
  Bill Herbert Miss X
  Bill Herbert Tidal
  Helen Herbert FRPS EFIAP PPSA Driftwood with Net
  Tony Hill Jester Look
  Philip Hodges AFIAP CPAGB Close Formation
  Philip Hodges AFIAP CPAGB Deep in Thought
  Philip Hodges AFIAP CPAGB Leaving in a Hurry
  Martin Horton Buffalo Boy
  Martin Horton The Goatherd
  John F Hoskins Coffee Shop
  Arnold Hubbard FRPS EFIAP APAGB Early Morning Light
  Arnold Hubbard FRPS EFIAP APAGB Isolation
  David Hyett EFIAP CPAGB BPE2* Angry
  David Hyett EFIAP CPAGB BPE2* Eagle Owl Landing
  Paul Jackson Number 1 Lime Street
  Paul Jackson St. Paul's Reflection 2
  William Jamieson Goldfinch
  Martin Janes Dirt Riders
  Martin Janes Number 12 to Dulwich
  Dinah Jayes MPAGB EFIAP ARPS Alone with Myself
  Dinah Jayes MPAGB EFIAP ARPS Knowing Look
  Paul Keene FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Frosty Sunflower Field (9701)
  Paul Keene FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Swan Squadron 0167
  Linda Kirkhope Spiral
  Malcolm Kitto ARPS DPAGB Frosty Morning
  Laura Knowles ARPS Camarque Horse and Guardian
  Laura Knowles ARPS Dolphins at Play
  Donald Lanstone LRPS AFIAP Wasp
  John Larry EFIAP/g ARPS DPAGB Giraffe at Sunset
  Adrian Lines Sarah
  Adrian Lines Seacaptain
  Diana Magor EFIAP/b MPSA BPE3* The Red Car
  Martin Malies ARPS AFIAP MPAGB Autumn Birches
  Martin Malies ARPS AFIAP MPAGB The Hope Valley
  Carl Mason EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3* Wasdale Head 5
  Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB Smack
  Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB The Old Snooker Room
  Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB The Room of Final Goodbyes
  Carol McNiven Young Rehearsing in the Crypt
  Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Flying Hooves
  Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Polo B2
  Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB Thundering Hooves
  Robin Mellor ARPS CPAGB Boys' Dreams
  Robin Mellor ARPS CPAGB The River Pilot's Daughter
  Janet Miles LRPS CPAGB BPE1 Lone Sunflower
  Janet Miles LRPS CPAGB BPE1 Rainbow over Dunstanburgh
  Janet Miles LRPS CPAGB BPE1 Science Park Reflections
  Jo Monro ARPS Seed Sowing
  Alastair Moore CPAGB Curves
  Alastair Moore CPAGB Ethereal Valley
  Gillian Morgan ARPS DPAGB Landmannahellir
  Gillian Morgan ARPS DPAGB Water and Ice
  Eileen Murray DPAGB BPE4* For Whom the Bell Tolls
  Sue Nash LRPS Frozen Spring
  Sue Nash LRPS Mosque Reflections
  Sue Nash LRPS Shaman Tending Fire
  Norman O'Neill CPAGB BPE3* Candle Maker
  Norman O'Neill CPAGB BPE3* Porth Nanven
  Gary Parker AFIAP CPAGB Bolt Out of the Blue
  John Perriam DPAGB Homeward Bound
  John Perriam DPAGB Incoming Tide
  Spike Piddock AFIAP DPAGB Swimming with Jacks
  Mary Poad Nos 10 and 51 Racing to Win
  Reginald Poad AFIAP Bluebell Woods Enys
  Margret Preece ARPS DPAGB Keflavik Powerstation
  Peter Puddiphatt ARPS Pottery in the Mumbai Slums
  Darren Pullman Ignition
  Stacey Purkiss Blue Diamond
  Stacey Purkiss Night Prowler
  Paul Radden DPAGB EFIAP LRPS Painters Stare
  George Reekie DPAGB ABPE Racer
  George Reekie DPAGB ABPE Stormy Cobb
  Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB Country Road
  Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB Ribblehead Barn
  Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/s DPAGB The Cold of Winter
  Val Saxby LRPS Ruby Eye
  Lloyd Scott I Am the Shadow
  Lloyd Scott Just One More Drink
  Lloyd Scott This is My Home Tonight
  Nick Scott FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Storm Cloud over London
  Nick Scott FRPS EFIAP MPAGB The Louvre Pyamid
  Pam Sherren EFIAP/p BPE4* DPAGB Oban Sunset
  Sue Sibley ARPS AFIAP CPAGB Llandudno Pier Early Morning
  Sue Sibley ARPS AFIAP CPAGB Saunton Sand Groynes
  Keith Snell LRPS AFIAP In Dreams
  Keith Snell LRPS AFIAP Jokulsarlon at Night
  Martin Snelson AFIAP CPAGB BPE2* Coffee
  Graham Snowden Orkney Standing Stones
  Nigel Spencer ARPS King Penguins
  Nigel Spencer ARPS Three Jumping Penguins
  Janet Adele Sprason Le Cochon Et Les Shutters
  Hugh Stanton Harbour Reflections
  Hugh Stanton Mull of Galloway First Light
  Hugh Stanton The Crooked Passageway
  Hugh Stanton Woodland Adventure
  Anna Stevenson ARPS Constantine Bay
  Trevor Swann John's Guitar
  Ron Tear MPAGB ARPS BPE4* The Shield
  Tony Thomas EFIAP Glancing Light
  Tony Thomas EFIAP Jane
  Tony Thomas EFIAP Moorland Sky
  Alan Thomson Blackmount Dawn
  Alan Thomson Downstream
  Alan Thomson Early Rise
  Michael Troth Mis-Understood
  Michael Troth Tough Guy Mud Crawl
  Lehel Vass Cigar Guy
  Lehel Vass Nyilas Misi
  Alan Walker ARPS DPAGB EPSA Tern Through the Iceberg
  Julie Annette Walker ARPS DPAGB EFIAP Cannon Beach
  Julie Annette Walker ARPS DPAGB EFIAP Yellowstone Winter
  Des Ward Cornfield
  Des Ward Night Riders
  Dave Wharmby LRPS CPAGB Leader of the Pack
  Dave Wharmby LRPS CPAGB St. Michaels Mount Cornwall
  David Wheeler FRPS EFIAP/p MFIAP Barber's Shop, Georgia
  David Wheeler FRPS EFIAP/p MFIAP The Red Room
  John Whitby MPAGB EFIAPg BPE3 Rainbow Walk
  Richard White Clevedon Pier
  Christine Widdall MPAGB FBPE EFIAP Classic in Crimson
  Christine Widdall MPAGB FBPE EFIAP Harrison Stickle
  Christine Widdall MPAGB FBPE EFIAP Michael
  Christine Widdall MPAGB FBPE EFIAP Morwenna
  Christine Woolgar ARPS EFIAP PPSA Restful Sunrise
  Mark Zygo Fears of a Clown
  Mark Zygo Raven
  Petri Damsten EFIAP PPSA Big Brother
  Petri Damsten EFIAP PPSA Day at the Gym
  Petri Damsten EFIAP PPSA The Individual
  Jouko Eskelinen EFIAP/b Oops
  Jussi Helimaki EFIAP/b Morning in the Pine Forest
  Markku Kedrin AFIAP Speedy Girl
  Merja Martikainen Dropped to the Ground
  Merja Martikainen Spirit Illumination
  Heikki Sarparanta EFIAP Grundarfjördur
  Mohamed Benbelgacem AFIAP Le Ponton 3
  Mohamed Benbelgacem AFIAP Nature Morte
  Michel Dupouy EFIAP/b Roxy Pro
  Sylvain Germain Orageux 5
  Roger Jourdain Prisca Smile
  Roger Jourdain Welcome Among Bikers
  Claude Linstrument EFPF Couchant Sur Billy
  Claude Linstrument EFPF Le Bec Jaune
  Claude Linstrument EFPF Parc Mendès Fin
  Francois Texier EFIAP La Cheminee
  Fritz Eichmann Stairs
  Michael Essig Auf Der Schlei Me157230
  Michael Essig Bruchardkai Me157230
  Michael Essig Glaeubige Me157230
  Detlef Feldcamp AFIAP Basstölpel
  Jochen Foeller EFIAP Ponte Luis 1
  Holger Goehler Lime Green on Ocher
  Roland Hank EFIAP/b Die Voegel
  Roland Hank EFIAP/b Powerfull
  Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAP GMPSA Biker 95 in Front
  Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAP GMPSA First Dog is under Red
  Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAP GMPSA Rapidly in the Curve
  Achim Koepf EFIAP/p Antarctic Art 89
  Achim Koepf EFIAP/p Lofoten 262
  Beate Kulpa Fog
  Beate Kulpa Splash with Physalis
  Beate Kulpa Tub-Splash
  Hermann Mohr Painter 01
  Hermann Mohr Stadtbiblothek 3
  Frank Rau EFIAP/b Tauerngebirge 4
  Fredi Scholze Alien
  Fredi Scholze Hot Chilli ii
  Wolfgang Schweden EFIAP MPSA Front Crawl 5
  Norbert Senser EFIAP November in Umbrien
  Norbert Senser EFIAP San Giorgio Maggiore
  Isolde Stein-Leibold EFIAP/p Das Rote Tuch
  Isolde Stein-Leibold EFIAP/p Golden Hour
  Isolde Stein-Leibold EFIAP/p Wind and Fire
  Klaus Strehlke EFIAP/b PPSA Old and Young
  Koon Nam Cheung EFIAP EPSA ARPS Great Wall Sunrise 02
  Koon Nam Cheung EFIAP EPSA ARPS Little Squirrel
  Koon Nam Cheung EFIAP EPSA ARPS Osprey Caught a Fish 9
  Zoltan Lokos EFIAP/p Girls
  Istvan Peto Bohemian Cloud Forest
  Lajos TÓTH Aerialbattle
  Lajos TÓTH Fairy Chimneys
  Istvan Veto A Little Meat
  Rajdeep Biswas AFIAP AFIP DIP.PHOTO(FU) Jia 1
  Rajdeep Biswas AFIAP AFIP DIP.PHOTO(FU) Lady in Window
  Subrata Bysack EFIAP FFIP Education for All
  Bappaditya Chandra AFIAP Pray to God
  Bappaditya Chandra AFIAP Wall Painters
  Bappaditya Chandra AFIAP Yellow
  Ranjan Kanti Das Follow Thy Master
  Tuhin Das Smokey Relax
  Tuhin Das We, Siblings
  Kaushik Dolui AFIAP EFIAP Dream of Bliss
  Chinmoy Dutta Hon.PESGSPC Beauty in Red
  Chinmoy Dutta Hon.PESGSPC Heavenly Beauty
  Chinmoy Dutta Hon.PESGSPC Incredible
  Chinmoy Dutta Hon.PESGSPC Scared
  Pijush Karmakar AFIAP Children at Play 4
  Achinta Kumar Saha EFIAP Fishermen and Nets
  Achinta Kumar Saha EFIAP Story Unfolds
  Partha Sarathi Sarkar ARPS EFIAP Alone
  Partha Sarathi Sarkar ARPS EFIAP Towards the Taj
  Rinki Sarkar Baby Learner
  Rinki Sarkar Tears
  Das Sharmali In Playing Mood
  Dick Doyle AFIAP Lonely Seagull
  Dick Doyle AFIAP Stormy Waters
  Dick Doyle AFIAP Threatening Skies
  Chris Ducker AFIAP AIPF In the Pink
  Chris Ducker AFIAP AIPF Vartry Reservoir No1
  Helen Hanafin EFIAP AIPF Lady Threading Cotton
  Helen Hanafin EFIAP AIPF Portrait from Nepal No 1
  Gerry Kerr EFIAP Cat Tien Village People
  Gerry Kerr EFIAP Waiting
  Tracy Obrien LIPF Gannets in Love
  Bill Power FIPF AFIAP Beauty in the Blue Room
  Bill Power FIPF AFIAP Blue Nimbus
  Bill Power FIPF AFIAP Lady in a Gothic Door
  Paul Reidy AFIAP LIPF Natasha
  Paul Reidy AFIAP LIPF Rachelle at the Window
  Leonid Goldin AFIAP Greek Orthodoxes
  Leonid Goldin AFIAP Junk Shop
  Leonid Goldin AFIAP Vaccination
  Carlo Calloni EFIAP A3-Lucy
  Carlo Calloni EFIAP A4-Whatsapp
  Alberto Carati Autumn
  Marco Dadone Callanish, Danwlights Dance II
  Marco Dadone Oronaye Lake
  Marco Garabello MPSA EFIAP/b Cars
  Marco Garabello MPSA EFIAP/b Manhattan 1
  Marco Garabello MPSA EFIAP/b Pas De Troi
  Claudio Mammucari EFIAP/b Daniele
  Claudio Mammucari EFIAP/b Guglielmo
  Claudio Mammucari EFIAP/b Scugnizzi
  Franco Marchi AFIAP PPSA Crete Senesi
  Franco Marchi AFIAP PPSA Symmetry
  Valerio Musi Sunset to Baratti
  Valerio Musi The Last Light
  Francesca Salice AFIAP Behind the Window
  Francesca Salice AFIAP Holy Men
  Harry Daemen AFIAP Face a Face
  Harry Daemen AFIAP Moiesluucht
  Sherman Cheang Going to Market
  David Nam Lip Lee The India Tribes
  Pauline Grech Have a Cuppa
  Huub Keulers Metal Work of Art
  Huub Keulers Spirals
  Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/p Isendica Met Fietser
  Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/p Vrouwtje Achter Raam
  Bill Hodges EFIAP APSNZ Morning Has Broken
  Andy Rae EFIAP Aerobatics
  Paul McMahon LRPS Ellegance
  James Wright Wright LRPS LIPF Waiting Patiently
  Monica Elise Vestre Ice
  Monica Elise Vestre Winter Coat
  Salim Mohammed Al Hajri Makkah
  Habib Alzadjali AFIAP Hidden Beauty
  Habib Alzadjali AFIAP Vived Colors
  Joao Taborda PPSA EFIAP The Portuguese Lovers
  Abdulla Al-Mushaifri Peacful Mind
  Abdulla Al-Mushaifri The Stranger
  Istvan Magdo Jigsaw
  Istvan Magdo The Tree of Life
  Rodica Tanase FIAPGold FIAPSilver FIAPBronze A Point of View
  Rodica Tanase FIAPGold FIAPSilver FIAPBronze Into the Light..
  Olga BOBKOVA Auntie
  Boris Kosov Ru-Boris- Kosov-Temptress
  Boris Kosov Ru-Chris
  Boris Kosov Ru-Past and Thoughts=
  Majdi Al Naser Baleela
  Majdi Al Naser The Omani Woman
  Mishal Alrayhan G.P.UCR1 Click Beetle 3.5X
  Mishal Alrayhan G.P.UCR1 Drop Fire 2
  Eric Begbie LRPS Rannoch Sunrise
  Eric Begbie LRPS Sunrise on Li River
  Rob Davis Tigers V Rebels
  Chris Elliott Castle Varrich and Mount Hope
  Chris Elliott Quiet Moment
  Chris Elliott Standing Against the Storm
  Sheona Elliott Ben Hope and Castle Varrich
  Robert Fulton MFIAP MPAGB BPE5* Threatening Sky
  Robert Fulton MFIAP MPAGB BPE5* Twilight Ebb Tide
  Matt Johnston ARPS EFIAP BPE4* Expessions
  Dionne Jones Paraplu
  James Main CPAGB Tradition VS Barbarism
  James Main CPAGB Walking to Prayer
  Shahbaz Majeed Carlingnose Point
  Shahbaz Majeed Loch Rusky
  Shahbaz Majeed Rannoch Moor Winter
  Shahbaz Majeed Spiral
  Norma McDowall AFIAP Figs
  Norma McDowall AFIAP MT Blanc Dawn
  John McNairn EFIAP LRPS Miss Diaz
  David Sadler ARPS CPAGB Airborne
  David Sadler ARPS CPAGB Bulldogs
  Gordon Scott CPAGB Broken Ice
  Gordon Scott CPAGB Czech Mate
  Roy Smith AFIAP DPAGB Raindrops
  David Thompson CPAGB Mooring
  Zee Kek Heng EFIAP MPSA GPUCR5 Half Look
  Leong Kiat Lim PPSA Seda Three
  Hui Hua Wang Our Smoky Room
  Bostjan Banfi Blue Eyes
  Jure Kravanja EFIAP Dreamland
  Jure Kravanja EFIAP In the Middle
  Jure Kravanja EFIAP Lonely Tree
  Rafael Podobnik EFIAP/p A3 Rime
  John Coumbias AFIAP APSSA(Vers) GPU(Hermes) A3-Rising Morning
  Valmai Le Grange Aurora Cathedral
  Valmai Le Grange Cloudy Pier
  Valmai Le Grange Fire in Sky
  Valmai Le Grange True Horse Whisperer
  Andre Serfontein AFIAP EPSSA(cl) APSSA Backstroke No. 1
  Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/g MCEF EH-ISF Arte Moderno
  Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/g MCEF EH-ISF La Flauta
  José Antonio Munuera Sola AFIAP MFCF ECEF Escalera 2
  José Antonio Munuera Sola AFIAP MFCF ECEF Escalera 6
  José Antonio Munuera Sola AFIAP MFCF ECEF Tranvias En Lisboa
  Julian Negredo Sanchez EFIAP/s DISF PSAPID5* Careful
  Julian Negredo Sanchez EFIAP/s DISF PSAPID5* The Looker
  Miguel Peiro Aseo Diario
  Miguel Peiro Retoque Final
  Lluis Remola Pages Ballerina-1
  Yamuni Rashmika Perera AFIAP Asura
  Veronica Forsberg On the Bridge
  Mats Jungmyren Time
  Cornelia Schmidt EPSA Sober and Proud
  Jan-thomas Stake MFIAP GMPSA EFIAP/p Kajsa Brown Necklace
  Jan-thomas Stake MFIAP GMPSA EFIAP/p Marie in Red
  Fatih Balkan EFIAP Akordeoncu2
  Suleyman Cam EFIAP/b Horse Racing
  Tugran Yuce Downy
  Tugran Yuce Pazar
  Tugran Yuce Return
  Tugran Yuce Window
  Vladimir Maltsev AFIAP Before a Rain
  Vladimir Maltsev AFIAP Tevye Milk Seller
  Hussain Nalwala LRPS With My Cows to Work
  Kimberly Brock PPSA Center Daisy
  Kimberly Brock PPSA Petals with Raindrops
  Frederick Emch Insect on Flower Bud
  Dena Janson Foggy Dawn Monument Valley No 4
  Andrew Katsampes BC Margolis(8156)
  Kah-Wai Lin PPSA Girl at Blue Door
  Ira Nemeroff EPSA San Francisco 65
  Marie Otero Boy Wrangler
  Marie Otero The Violinist
  Dilip Patel Beauty of Shadow
  Rosalie Wang Back Home at Dusk
  Rosalie Wang Two Trees at Deadvlei
  Godfrey Wong EPSA Blue Angels 11
  Godfrey Wong EPSA Crazy Horse 6
  Dao Tien Dat EFIAP/s ESVAPA,EVAPA,SAWIEP Deeply Worry No 2
  Viet Tran Tuan On the Way to Market
  Viet Tran Tuan Stilt Fishermen
  Viet Tran Tuan Terraces in Mu Cang Chai
  Andrew Baxter A Long Road in Heels
  Andrew Baxter Distant Cuillins
  Andrew Baxter Lone Frosted Tree
  Andrew Baxter The Moor
  Mike Bray Ride Him Cowboy
  Bridget Craddock After-The-Ball
  Janet Davies GPU-Cr1 BPE2*CPAGB AWPF Beths Lamb
  Marlene Finlayson SN58HD Fond Farewell
  Marlene Finlayson SN58HD That's Another Fine Mess
  Marlene Finlayson SN58HD Wild Flower Still Life
  Nigel Goode LRPS AFIAP Shoreline
  Richard Hainsworth LRPS BPE1* GPUCR2 Crazy Horses
  Richard Hainsworth LRPS BPE1* GPUCR2 Knock Knock Ginger
  Richard Hainsworth LRPS BPE1* GPUCR2 The Meeting
  Matthew Jones BPE4* DPAGB AFIAP A Journeys Beginning
  Matthew Jones BPE4* DPAGB AFIAP The Boathouse
  Matthew Jones BPE4* DPAGB AFIAP The Bookman
  Ron Lines AWPF Nash Point Sunset
  Ron Lines AWPF Sir Keith Park at Bridgnorth
  Ron Lines AWPF Steam on Fire
  Ron Lines AWPF The Harlot
  Lynne Morris AFIAP DPAGB BPE4* Mr Tambourine Man
  Lynne Morris AFIAP DPAGB BPE4* Octopus's Garden
  Christopher Pitt We Will Remember
  Andy Polakowski DPAGB GPU-Cr3 BPE3*AWPF Mersey Storm
  Neville Thomas EFIAP/b CPAGB AWPF Harvest Mouse
  Chris Warren A Warm Ending
  Chris Warren Solo at Dawn